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In order to make it easier for us to share as much information with as many interested people as possible, it would mean a lot to us, if you could sign up for this mailing list.

Essentially, the only information we need you to provide is your e-mail address... since, you know, it's a _mailing_-list ... duh. On top of that we would really like to know which language(s) you understand, and what your "background" is (e.g. are you a player? are you from the press?). Anyone can sign up for this newsletter. So we don't want to bother you with languages that you don't understand, or with announcements which are likely only of interest some backgrounds (e.g. press releases).

We have input fields for all kinds of other information as well, which you may or may not provide - its really up to you.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up, and we're looking forward to letting you know about as much of our activities as possible!
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